Ask A Scientist: How does your equipment handle the cold?

My question is what’s the extreme ratings for the equipment you use, and since it would seem that some would be life dependent are you required to bring redundant equipment for the expeditions you go on?

Your Concerned Uncle Dave | Connor-Winfield, Aurora, Illinois


The tanks, regulators and dive computers are all provided for us down here. These are the most important pieces of equipment we use, because if your tank or tank regulators fail you won’t have access to air.

We have two regulators on every tank.  In case one fails, we have a backup on hand and a buddy with another extra regulator to follow us back to the surface. That is just one example of the redundant equipment we use to stay safe.

Luckily, these items are maintained by the dive safety supervisors here at McMurdo. It is amazing how well this equipment holds up to these extreme conditions. Just look at all the ice covering our regulators after a dive.


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