A break from the cold story…

A world in 360 – be sure to drag around the image.

As we sit here in our Hotel Rooms, I have had some time to edit some of the other images collected over the past couple of years. This is a 360 video that we shot of working in French Polynesia on Project RECHARGE. This project is aiming to understand how coral reefs are impacted by fishing and nutrient pollution through a large-scale manipulative experiment. You can read a little bit more about it here on the site of Dr. Vega Thurber, who along with Dr. Deron Burkepile and Dr. Tom Adam are the leads of the project. In this video we are scrubbing cages to remove overgrowth that builds up over time.

As always, the highlight of these trips is the amazing water and people of French Polynesia. This took place in Mo’orea at a NSF funded Long Term Ecological Research Site (the MCLTER).

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