Dayton’s wall

Dayton’s wall is named after Scientist Dr. Paul Dayton, one of many pioneering researchers who did the foundational work on the ecology of this region.

One of my favorite dive sites, anywhere in the world, Dayton’s wall is a site dominated by sponges and diversity of life. In this video, you can join us on our dives and see all of the life that carpets the seafloor. You can see in this video why we spend so much time talking about ice….

Sometimes when filming, I miss the action being transfixed by the invertebrates on the seafloor.

The above is a bit more from Dayton’s wall. The funny part is that I shot this video of the sponges and soft corals on the seafloor. I didn’t notice the seal until after the dive when I was editing what I had shot (i.e. filmed) underwater. You can tell that seal really likes Dive Supervisor and all around great guy Rob Robbins.

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