I see the light

Dr. Rowan taking images of the night sky. A little milky way and already you can see that it is just not getting entirely dark with the faint light on the horizon.

When I say I love light, it means I love the colors and many dynamics of light that make the landscape stand out as one of the most beautiful places on the planet. We have tried to take advantage of the many faces of light as the sun set gets later and later in the day since in a few weeks there will be no more dark.

Stars and aurora on one of the last nights of real (or at least mostly) darkness before the bright light of summer.

The light makes colors here that contrasts with the white and black volcanic ground. Soon we will be taking photos of the various shades of white, but for now, it is a calidascope.

You can see why they call it the Royal Society Range. (ya there is probably a history to that too, but I think it should be simply due the majestic views that this mountain range provides).

We pay for the color by getting out in the (a bit colder) weather to take the images.

Dr. Rowan capturing the amazing light.

But in the end, the time on the ice in the cold (especially when drinking hot chocolate) is well worth it for the experience, and sometimes the images.

I love ice.

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